David gave a webinar for the Consultancy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry. As organiser I found him professional, well prepared and easy to work with. He took time to adapt his material to the target audience of providers of technical and professional services. The presentation was very fluent and he clearly knows his topic. Feedback from participants was uniformly positive. David followed through by providing written answers to questions which he did not have time to address in the session, which was much appreciated.

Stephen Boyde, Royal Society of Chemistry


“I’ve been a motivational speaker for ten years and thought I knew everything. I’ve just listened to David Abbott speak about increasing your pricing and your value to your customers - OMG! I’m going to walk away from here and apply what he’s taught me today! Immediately! I wish I had seen him a few years ago because I would probably have made a lot more money than I have done. So if you want to learn about pricing, how to get more from your customers and clients, listen to David Abbott, he’s a genius.”

Richard McCann, Director, iCan Events

“David gave us a fantastic talk. It was fun, lots of interest, and suddenly at the end I found he’d given me a system, a strategy, that’s going to make money for me - that’s what I want!”

Peter Griffiths, Marketing Economist


“David’s Psychology of Pricing was a real eye opener in how pricing is perceived in both the mind of the customer and the supplier.  I have taken some great insight from the seminar and I would recommend it to anyone who is grappling with the issues of how to price their products or services!  The presentation flew by as it was both thought provoking and engaging!”

Ian Kirk, Owner, Opportunity Marketing


"Thoroughly interesting, thought-provoking content with fascinating examples and an engaging pace. Quite simply one of the most useful presentations I've ever had the pleasure to experience. Will book again.”

Chris Bulmer, Group IT Director, Regatta & Craghoppers