The Irrational Customer

Psychological Insights to Boost Your Marketing Results

Your organisation has clear goals. You want to grow more, or be more profitable, or support more clients. But how?

People behave in strange but predictable ways. By understanding the psychology of how consumers decide whether a price is right or decide whether to buy a service, you can put your business in the fast lane, overtaking your competitors.

This session explores those psychological insights. You will be introduced to a range of ideas on pricing and influence, and will come away with action plans which can be implemented quickly and easily.

How To Price Your Platypus

Applying customer psychology insights to your marketing to get the best price

Do you ever struggle with pricing for your product or service? Find out how to get a better price than the competition and how to maximise your profitability.


What determines what a customer thinks is a fair price to pay?  This engaging and fascinating session, delivered with enthusiasm and energy, explores what makes us all tick, and explains how an understanding of human psychology can help you to get a better price for your product or your service.

It is a practical session that combines academic research (delivered in a highly accessible manner) with concrete examples from the world of marketing of the pricing ideas in action. There are a number of psychological factors that influence customer behaviour, especially with regard to pricing. You will find out how we decide on a price, learn how this applies to business decisions as much as consumer decision-making, and then discover different ways to get a higher price for whatever you sell or promote. You will leave this engaging presentation with a number of ideas that you can take away and apply to your business immediately, and with almost no cost.